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  • September 17, 2023 9:00 AM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    I'll start by stating this is a very challenging ride that I typically like to do once a year (one and done).  I was joined by a great group, Chris F., Austin, Al, Anthony, Curtis, Robin, Helen, Kimberly and a guest Cindi B.  We regrouped often and at one point going up Rampart, Helen decided to ride solo to the overlook and back while Curtis and Robin turned around at the radio towers.  The rest of us continued the relentless climb up Rampart Range and descended down into Monument where we had a quick refill at Trails End Taproom before heading back on the Santa Fe to Criterium.  

    Could not have asked for better weather or company and l'm already looking forward to this epic ride next year.  

  • September 12, 2023 5:30 PM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    The weather forecast was not very predictable and a few people dropped out prior to the ride start; however, those of us that showed up enjoyed perfect weather and a great ride up Rampart Range road.  A big thanks to Christine, Nico, Jeremy, and Kimberly for showing.  

    Shorter ride and I ended with 18.64 miles, almost 2k feet of climbing at a 12.3 mi/h average.  

  • September 09, 2023 12:19 PM | Anonymous member

    Eight of us enjoyed a beautiful morning wandering through areas of the Black Forest. After riding over to the Cathedral Pines area we enjoyed the secluded roads and nice views. We had some challenging climbs, and some fun descents as our reward, and regrouped periodically to stay together. The mostly downhill final section of the ride down Sanctuary Rim and Gleneagle was welcomed after all the earlier climbing.

  • September 05, 2023 6:00 PM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    An awesome evening for a fun ride through Red Rocks.  We had a great showing with John, Matt, Nico, Tessa, Kevin, Robin, Kimberly and I.  Of all the Tuesday gravel rides, I think I prefer this one over the others due to the challenging climbs and the rewarding sweeping single track that brings us back down into Red Rocks.  I ended with 20.74 miles, almost 2k ft of climbing and an average of 12.3mi/h.  After the ride, most of us hung out at Red Leg and had a cold beverage.

  • August 26, 2023 12:28 PM | Anonymous member

    After just a little mist and maybe a rain drop or two in the parking lot before we started the ride, all twelve of us decided to brave the elements and proceed to the Air Force Academy. One of the guards opened the second security gate onto the Academy for us, so we were quickly proceeding with the ride. After a moderate pace down Stadium Blvd, the riding got more spirited on the Pine Drive and West Monument Creek Climbs. We regrouped several times at the top of climbs, and then enjoyed the descents. A few opted for a single lap, while the rest of us went for a second. Mother Nature cooperated, and we stayed dry, and enjoyed riding in some cooler weather after the heat we've had.


  • August 20, 2023 8:30 AM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    There was a request for a short notice gravel ride on Sunday, so I obliged and led up a spirited ride to Palmer Lake and back on the Santa Fe trail.  Great smaller group and we had a brisk pace to the lake and back.  Conditions on the Santa Fe kept us on our toes with some deep sand in locations.  As I rode from home and back, I ended up with 52.5 miles, 2000ft of climbing and a solid 15.3 mph average.  

  • August 08, 2023 10:41 AM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    We had a great turnout for Tuesday gravel with JimmyDot, John Jamison, Tessa Muir, Nao Nozawa, Kevin Percy, Sarah Roueche, Robin Schroyer, Kim Trogdon and myself.  The ride was from our great sponsor, Criterium Bike Shop heading North on the Santa Fe.   I pushed the pace a little heading out and was accompanied by John who always rides super strong.  We regrouped at around 45 minutes of riding and stuck together (for the most part) on the return.  Beautiful weather and a great group of cyclists.  

  • July 25, 2023 9:58 AM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    This past Tuesday a couple of us (John Jamison and I) tried out a proposed gravel route from Jimmy Dot.  Jimmy modified the existing Red Rocks gravel ride to connect/include some of Bear Creek Regional Park.  John and I ran into Jimmy outside of Garden of the Gods and he rode with us briefly before turning back.  John and I continued at a brisk pace and tackled some somewhat technical steep downhills in Bear Creek before working our way back to the Sinton Trail and home.  I really enjoyed the route as it was very challenging and John kept me on my toes as usual with a competitive pace.   Total distance was 29 miles, 2,434ft of climbing at a 13.2mph pace (Note:  I added four miles to/from home).  

  • July 19, 2023 7:16 AM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    Our Tuesday Gravel ride went up Rampart Range Rd.  Nao Nozawa, Al Marshall, LeeAnn Perea and Kimberly Trogdon joined me on the ride and we stuck together through Garden of the Gods up to Rampart Range Rd.  Everyone rode their own pace up, but typically within eyesight of each other.  After about 45 minutes, we decided to turn around and enjoy our hard work by descending back into the Garden.  Nao led the way with some impressive bike handling skills.  

    Kimberly and I had a couple of extra miles as we road from home.  Ending stats were 22 miles, 2,280ft of climbing with an average speed of 12.1mph.  

  • July 16, 2023 8:11 PM | Kevin Toups (Administrator)

    What a beautiful day to be on a bicycle!  This was quite the interesting ride with diverse ride options.  Keith Hofreiter and I rode from our homes in Colorado Springs to the start in Monument via the Santa Fe trail.  We arrived early and linked up with Robin Schroyer, John Jamison, Julie Glenn and Matt Coble.  After a brief discussion regarding which direction we were going to tackle the planned route, we decided counter-clockwise would be interesting.  This meant the first several miles had some very steep hills (thinking of changing the route name to Rude Awakening).  Once we regrouped at the junction of Best and Andrews Rd., Julie and Robin decided to alter their plans and go explore Spruce Mountain Open Space.  The rest of us stayed to plan and rode the scheduled route at an ambitious pace.  It was a very hot day and once we reached Greenland Open Space we rode the top path which includes more climbing before exiting and continuing to Palmer Lake.  Keith showed John and I the new Sante Fe Open Space which included even more climbing and single track while Matt kept going towards Monument.  We all arrived at the Trails End Taproom and enjoyed some stories of how the ride went for everyone and had a cold beverage before departing.  I ended up riding home solo via the Santa Fe with a total of 84 miles and 5,289ft of climbing.  Average speed for the ride ranged from 13.5 to 14.4mph.  

    What I love about this club is that everyone shows up with a positive attitude and we adjust on the fly as needed.  It was a great day and I hope to see more of you out there in the near future! 

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